There is no point in trying to rationalise love.
Why we suddenly feel drawn to someone, why we feel completely absorbed by one's personality, how their smile can inspire us and make us think we own the world, or are on top of it.
 Love plays tricks on our simple and vulnerable hearts, it will tear us and fill us with joy. And it's just useless to fight against it, because the more we fight the more we are entangled and lost to these crazy feelings. Living over various ends.


You might be loveproof
But my heart understands no logic
It only knows the rhythm
`Cause you make it sing



When I was 18 and lived by myself in this shitty place in São Paulo, I feared I would die there and they would only find my rotten body weeks later.
Now, after all these years, I realised we all die alone anyway and what really matters is how you live and are capable of loving people while never expecting anything from them, because they will most certainly let you down.  Even if they don't find you're that gorgeous or even if they think you're a slut.
Well, fuck it, sluts can love too, maybe even more than anyone else for they don't care for what other people think. So if I don't feel sorry for myself I can be free to love and free to be whoever I want, cause free spirits are not afraid to love, and they're not afraid to die alone.

Broken poison bottle

Like two pieces of broken glass,
Brought together by heat,
You and me.